Build your criminal empire and enter a world of money, crime and corruption.

Carry out jobs in distinct cities in order to earn, money and rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. Carry out harder jobs to get better rewards.


  • Over 4 Cities with over 40 Jobs to cause chaos.
  • Offline Trophy Support (Integration with GameJolt soon).
  • Upgrade your own player character to boost its attributes in a variety of ways.
  • Kill procedural generated hitmen for big XP and cash rewards.
  • Properties Management - Become a real estate owner and manage your own Businesses and Real Estate to make passive income for your Syndicate.
  • Saving and loading system where saved data can persist between multiple game sessions.

For the best experience, download the Game!

Crime Syndicate Web Beta, is a trial web demo version of the game, which has less in-game content than the downloadable release. This is an intentional decision to act as a demo before purchasing the full game.

Crime Syndicate; this is the full downloadable release of the game and is currently a free trial. However, in the foreseeable future this will cost £4.99 to purchase, which will give you access to the full content.


Note: Downloading this version while it is free does not mean you have purchased the game once released officially. All donators with multiple donation(s) over the £4.99 threshold will be given a unique game key sent to their billing email address. If you would like to contact me about questions or help about this; please email my support email.


Coming Soon (Free Updates Roadmap)

  • Hitmen Jobs Content Update - Released
  • Property Management Update - Released
  • Trophies Update - Released
  • City Bosses Content Update - Fight your way through Cities to the end-bosses that control each City.  City Bosses come in three Tiers; Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Defeating Tier 1 and Tier 2, unlocks the next City!
  • Property Employees Update Coming soon is a section of the game were players can purchase and upgrade properties.   Each Property will need Security Personnels, Advisors, Managers and Interior Artists.
  • Property Management Random Encounters! Do Money Battles or Standoff Duels to defend or win back Properties. Assign Fighters to fight for you. (Depending on a bunch of different circumstances these encounters can be multiple or far in between and depend on how you're managing your Properties.
  • Stockpile Content Update (Weapons, Armour & Vehicles Shop).
  • Overarching stock market that is influenced by the player actions, killing a certain hitmen would reduce stock and increase others. Performing jobs in a specific city could increase crime and lower law enforcement.
  • Minigames; when you're ragged to the riches come to many of the starling casinos and wager away at slot games and various card-games.
  1. Blackjack
  2. Horse Racing
  3. Shoot em' Up (Shoot the Targets)
  4. Slot Machines
  5. Baccarat
  • Other languages support; including Japanese, French and Spanish.
  • Going Gold/Release Candidate
  • Complete port to Android devices (Will cost £4.99)


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Crime Syndicate v0.1.2.1a - NSIS Installer (Windows).exe 10 MB
Crime Syndicate v0.1.2.1a - Single Runtime (Windows).exe 9 MB

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